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Welcome to Plaka.Eloundainfo.com. This site is dedicated to all things Plaka, this small village is slowly growing with more houses and shops opening 2009, I thought it was time that Plaka got its own website all be it a sub domain of EloundaInfo. Many people who stay in Elounda on holiday's at some point visit Plaka, I find as I am sure most do a place to relax and enjoy a meal and a drink sitting next to the sea looking out over to Spinalonga. I will be building a list of shops and services in Plaka so when you come to visit you will have all the information to help you have an enjoyable visit. In the future I also hope to build up a collection of reviews of the restaurants and other shops in the area.
Plaka On Film
Plaka is slowly developing not only as the perfect holiday destination but also a perfect setting for television and film, not only from Greece but also from the UK. The blockbuster Greek television series made by MEGA Television "TO NHSI" (The Island) adapted from the the novel of the same name written by Victoria Hislop an English writer who actually made an appearance in the series. Near the end of June 2011 British television comes to Plaka to film a new series for UKTV and the "Good Food Channel" with celebrity chef James Martin. James sails into a different Mediterranean port each episode one of them being Plaka, Crete........
The Village
Plaka is a small fishing village a few Kilometres from Elounda, all though Plaka is becoming a busy tourist destination it holds onto it's traditional look and feel, which is why the tourists come here in the first place......
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